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Excel for Better Understanding Sales Data

Are you still annoyed by time-consuming sales data statistics and analysis? Do you still feel helpless for unable to perfectly present sales data analysis reports? You can handle all these problems by using Excel, a data analysis tool.
You will improve the ability of sales data analysis by mastering senior functions and skills of Excel in data analysis.
1. Sales data processing by Excel
* How to input and format data effectively
* Using general functions
* The keys of sales data processing

2. Efficient Excel data management
* Using database concept to manage sales data sheets
* Sales data arranging, sorting, filtering, finding, matching and subtotaling
* Collaborating with other people, sharing data in sales data management
* Different styles of sales data management

3. Powerful Excel sales data analysis
* Analyzing and matching different sheets, columns, rows
* Using pivot tables to analyze data
* Using solver tools to analyze decision 
* The sales data analysis tools

4. Presenting the accurate result
* Using pivot tables to create personalized dynamic diagrams
* Using different data sheets to create practical charts
* Visiting external data to make work reports
* Sample of sales report


* Salesmen
* Sales assistants
* Sales managers
* Relevant sales personnel


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