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Sales in B2B Markets: Consultative Selling
The customer needs-oriented marketing concept has been understood and accepted by most of the salesmen, but it doesn’t mean that our sales person should meet customers’ needs passively. In fact, the prerequisites of this sales concept must be managing customers’ needs.
Around the concept, this course will provide a series of exercises about how to apply sales skills, to help participants improve their sales and communication skills.

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1. Structuring the consultative process 
* Understanding the changing business environment 
* Understanding the customer’s points of view 
* How to guide your customers to better understand their own situation 
* How to guide customers to look for a prompt solution 

2. Developing consultative skills and effective sales strategies 
* From product selling to solution selling 
* Business needs and value mapping 
* Leading the customer with focused questions 
* The core competence of the sales consultant: objection handling and deal closing 
* Business analysis and funnel management 
* Targeting, time and territory management 

3. Managing the customer relationship to increase repeated business 
* Packaging your solutions in a way that invites the customer to do additional business with you 
* Multi-level selling: to develop personal network in the customer’s company 
* How to sell to other decision makers through the contact person 
* Increasing rebuying and customer loyalty through up selling and cross selling 
* Practice of account management 

4. Competing on value - selling value instead of selling product
* The No.1 rule of value-added selling and its practical consequences: price must never stand alone 
* The No.2 rule of value-added selling: it is the customer’s value perception which counts 
* Five pricing techniques that will help you focus on value, and strengthen your negotiation position
* First-line sales representatives, sales engineers, project salesmen, sales supervisors and sales managers
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