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Lean Logistics
Many companies, especially manufacturing companies pay growing attention to the management concept and practice of lean logistics.

Fundamental concepts, methods and best practices of lean logistics can help companies get more competitive edges in increasingly fierce competitions.

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1. Overview of lean and lean logistics
* What is lean and lean thinking
* Development of lean thinking
* What is lean logistics

2. Process analysis
* Tools and techniques of process analysis
* Indicators of process analysis

3. Value stream mapping

4. Inventory control

* Overview of inventory and inventory control
* Standard stock

5. Development of lean logistics system
* Vision of lean logistics system
* Creating continuous flow
* Developing supermarket system
  - Planning supermarket system
  - Key aspects of supermarket materials control
* Routing of transportation/moving
  - Principles of routing
  - Bus routing and taxi routing
  - Standardized work of routing

6. Pull system and kanban
* Push system and pull system
* Kanban system
  - Supermarket pull system
  - Sequential pull system
  - Mixed pull system
* Close-circle routing

7. Leveled pull
* What is leveled pull
* Definition of stock standard
* Developing leveled pull
  - Leveling mixed variants
  - Heijunka box
  - Picking and moving of materials
* Managers, supervisors and sustaining improvement personnel who want to acquire concepts, methods and best practices of lean logistics, including those who works in departments of logistics management, logistics and storage, supply chain management, logistics / supply chain planning, production, purchasing and sales, etc
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