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Inventory Management
Inventory problems cannot be thoroughly solved by only one person or one department in the company. It is a concentrate embodiment of management problems in all aspects, and cannot be solved fundamentally unless the overall management level is raised, while the improvement of inventory management also sets high requirements on basic management of the company. 

Through discussion of theories and game simulation, we will reveal the methods and requirements of inventory management. 

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1. Supply chain management & inventory management
* What is supply chain management
* SCOR model
* Characteristics and impact of modern supply chain management

2. Introduction of inventory management
* Characteristics and types of inventory
* Problems and challenges of inventory management
* Stock - time curve model

3. Performance evaluation of inventory management
* Inventory service standard
* Inventory total cost
* Cost of short supply
* Safe inventory calculation

4. Normal ordering methods
* Quantity ordering method
* Time ordering method
* Ordering pointing
* Quantity of ordering
* Improving inventory management

5. MRP II ordering method
* Meaning of MRP II ordering method
* Process of production planning
* Inventory control & production plan
* MRP II ordering & normal ordering

6. JIT management
* Characteristics of JIT management
* Elements of JIT management
* Zero inventory management

7. ABC ordering method
* Origin of ABC analysis
* Steps of ABC analysis and management

8. Inventory & purchasing management
* Characteristics and types of purchasing
* The balance between inventory cost & purchasing cost
* Process of purchasing management

9. Inventory & warehouse management 
* Characteristics and types of warehouse
* Process of warehouse operation
* Stock checking
* KPI of warehouse management
* Daily warehouse control
* Anyone who works in purchasing and supplying department
* Administrators and production managers whose work is related to inventory management
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