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How to Manage R&D Projects

1. Understand the framework and process of R&D project management system;
2. Master the application of project management methods in R&D;
3. Through classic case study and simulations, you will capitalize advanced concepts and tools, thus effectively controlling the resources and risks in R&D project management;    
4. Understand the effective cooperation and transmission of information flow and work flow in R&D project management, achieve effective communication and management among project stakeholders;
5. Understand the close and assessment of R&D projects.
1. The framework of R&D project management system
* Aligning R&D strategy with company strategy 
* R&D organization structure 
* R&D process and project management methodology 
* Objective, importance and methods for the R&D project management 
* Process management of new product development
* 5 steps of R&D project management and project life cycle 
* Main project management activities in a new product development 

2. Initiating a R&D project 
* Selection and requirements of R&D projects 
* Defining project scope 
* How to guide project requirements 
* How to switch between technique language, business language and product language 
* How to handle the constant changes of request or design 
* How to reach agreements with customer on the procedure of changes in request

3. R&D project planning
* Principle, modality, procedure and key points of the R&D project planning 
* The planning of schedule, cost, resource, risk and communication  
* Program evaluation and plan baseline building 

4. R&D project implementation and control
* Methods to control 
* Phase review of R&D project 
* Soft skills in the R&D project process (leadership, communication and teamwork) 

5. Closing of R&D project 
* Lessons and experience  
* Performance appraisal and management


* Project managers and members with more than 1 year experience in R&D project management


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