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Comprehensive Project Management Workshop
With the PMI’s PMBOK as the core content, this course will provide a quantity of case analysis and exercises, help participants understand and master international advanced management models, methods, tools and skills, standardize corporate project management behaviors, thus improving project management rapidly.

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1. The concepts of project and project management
* The concepts of project
* The keys of project management
* The project lifecycle
* The environment analysis of project management 

2. The process of project management
* Objectives of project management and enterprise management
* Systematic process management of projects: initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing

3. Top 10: regarding branches of knowledge on project management
* Integration management: confirming objective, creating, filtering, planning, executing, controlling
* Scope management: WBS templates of projects, breakdown methods
* Time management: schedule templates of projects, network diagram, critical chain method
* Cost management:  assign resource of project, cost estimating, cost control of R&D and engineering projects
* Quality management: quality planning, quality assurance and quality controlling of projects, project quality management, ISO quality management and 6σ quality management
* Resource management: build a team and motivate group members under enterprise management
* Communication management: communicating, planning and executing a project
* Risk management: risk factors of projects, how to identify, analyze, response, monitor and control 
* Procurement management: facility procurement and outsourcing management in projects
* Managing Stakeholders

4. Organization management of projects
* The framework of project organization 
* The project management system of organization

5. Agile Project Management

6. Summary of project management
* Project leaders, project managers, project supervisors
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