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Service Marketing
Service is always a secret weapon, even one of the core competitiveness for all successful companies in various areas and industries. Only by that can enterprises keep customer preference and loyalty, and then form a vital service culture.

This course will help you build up analysis framework of service marketing. We’ll systematically introduce every aspect of service marketing strategy, thus helping managers and marketing personnel master some basic thoughts and methods of marketing plan, and create greater value for customers.

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1. Service marketing overview
* The opportunities and challenges of service to all industries
* Concept of service marketing and its importance

2. Competition and customer analysis
* Market dynamics and competitive advantage
* Customer needs analysis
* Service consumption feature and requirements

3. Establishing service product concept
* Developing and creating service product
* Developing and creating service brand
* Developing value added service

4. Service product distribution
* The distribution in services environment
* Selecting the service delivery method
* Determining service delivery time and venue
* Delivering the service in the virtual world

5. Pricing
* Key to generate finance success
* 3 key factors of pricing strategy
* Executing the service pricing strategy

6. Communication in service marketing
* Roles of communication in service marketing
* Setting up communication objectives
* Marketing communication mix

7. Positioning within the competition
* Keeping focus is the basis to get competitive advantage
* Identifying the target segmentation and positioning
* Evaluating and reinforcing the product and service differentiation

8. Implementing the profitable service strategy
* Exploring the key to customer loyalty
* Developing and promoting the customer loyalty
* Reducing the customer loss
* Effective compensation principals
* Learning from customer feedback / complaints

9. Service leadership
* Integrated marketing is the core of value creation
* Change management of service marketing is constant and essential
* Creating unique service marketing culture within the organization
* Executives, marketing directors, marketing managers and account directors working in service industry, manufacturing industry and some consumer goods industry.
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