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Training needs analysis is the first step of training. Its accuracy contributes directly to the quality and effect of the course design, implementation and assessment. But the technical difficulties of needs analysis and unqualified HR are always the shortcomings of training work for many companies, thus hard to provide appropriate support to strategies, department works and people’s development. Meanwhile the training result assessment, as a key part in the whole training process, is also one of the biggest challenges for training department.

Around training needs analysis and result assessment, we will share the principles, process, methods and skills with participants, to help them improve their understanding and operational levels, and apply into their own company’s training management work more effectively.

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1. The core of training needs analysis
* Understanding the role of training manager
* Perplexities of training activity
* Realizing the efficiency of training  
* When training needs occur - the timing

2. Training needs analysis levels
* What is a training needs analysis system 
* Identifying organizations’ training needs
  - Based on strategy
  - Based on business plan
  - Based on human resource plan
* Identifying departments’ training needs
* Identifying individuals’ training needs

3. Training needs analysis methods
* Traditional methods to analyze training needs
* Qualitative and quantitative analysis
* How to conduct training needs analysis research
* New methods to analyze training needs
  - TNA based on the competence model

4. Evaluation and transformation of training result
* Why aren’t training goals achieved
* 4-level evaluation method of training results   
* How to improve behaviors after training 
* Training managers/supervisors
* Training specialists
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