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The HR Manager

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This training will help you fully understand and discuss the meaning and methods of HR's strategic role, compensation and benefits system, performance management, training and development, recruiting and interviews, so as to increase your expertise and efficiency.

This course is aimed to train HRMs to be more confident, professional and powerful, and have more strategic thinking.
1. Rediscovering the role of “Leader” 
* The strategic role of human resources manager
* The new tools for human resources management
* Common problems human resources managers are facing and solutions

2. Recruitment and interview
* Forecasting the human resources needs
* Job analysis
* Selecting and interviewing
* Improving interviewing skills

3. Performance management
* Improving the effectiveness of the performance management system
* Identifying different systems and understanding their influence on management
* How to handle difficult situations during performance appraisal 

4. Effective compensation & benefit system management
* Establishing a fair and competitive C&B system
* Attracting and retaining talents
* Different types of C&B system
* Benefit philosophy

5. Training: a part of company strategy
* Realizing the strategy through training
* Building up and improving training system


* HR Directors/ Managers/ Supervisors
* Administrative Directors/ Managers/ Supervisors
* HR manager backups
* Anyone who wants to know more about HR management



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