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Finance for non-Financial Leaders

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1. Geting knowledge of Corporate Finance, from person to enterprise
* Understanding financial data
  - How to read a balance sheet 
  - Understanding income statement
  - Assessing the impact of your decisions on the balance sheet and revenue statement
  - Assess the real impact of company’s operation, investment &financing from cash flow statement

2. Utilizing the financial analysis tools, to see through the operation performance
* Minimising operational risk
  - Mapping operational risks
  - Understanding working capital tools
  - Implementing improvement plans
* To analyze the “investment return” via financial ratios
  - All kinds of financial ratios:
    > Solvency Ratio: Current ratio, Quick Ratio
    > Improving resource utilization through analyze the turnover ratio
    > Analyzing the capital structure through liability/asset ratio
    > Evaluating company’s profitability from ROS, ROA, ROE
  - Analyzing tier of financial ratios to get the ideal reward

3. To run the business operation smoothly, through complete effectively the budget & forecast
* Anticipating results
  - Global vision of budget management
  - Seting up Budget management system
    > Turning strategic objectives into operational targets 
    > Preparing a budget
* Steering your business
  - Maintaining high levels of performance
  - Designing and using a financial scorecard
  - Analyzing the variance from budget, and assess the implementation
  - Zero based budget, a breakthrough practice

4. Managing your cost properly, making your company profitable
* Defining different cost by management accouting
  - Direct cost and Indirect cost
  - Fix cost and Variable cost
* Break-even point analysis
  - Scale Economies Effect and Pricing
  - Application of Break-even point in your negotiation
  - How to set a bottom line when pricing
* Operational Decision from cost control perspective
  - Key point of cost controlling
  - How to analysis profitability of multiple product line
  - Application of contribution margin
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