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Convincing and Persuading

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1. An ethical approach to convincing and persuading
* Perception on persuasion
* Keys to successful persuasion

2. Make listening your prime lever for convincing (using the SAFI method to uncover needs and generate desire for change)
* Promoting persuading by listening 
* Exploitation of needs using SAFI 
* Proactive listening - to prompt others' will to change  

3. Build winning offers
* Take into account the environment and personal stakes of the other person
* Adapt to the decision-making group

4. Use your speaking skills to promote your offer
* Use communication techniques to give your presentation more punch
* Influence without manipulation

5. Nurture a genuine bond with others
* Put negative emotions into words
* Express your own negative emotions, using the FRANC method

6. Develop self-confidence
* Build up your positive beliefs
* Rebalance emotions, reframe the stakes
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