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Image and Business Etiquette
Business etiquette is a code of polite conduct which businessmen should obey in business and social situations.

In current business environment, measurement of the companies not only depends on the qualities and prices of products, but also on employees’ professionalism that how they master and use business etiquette. 

You will set up your professional image through learning and practicing in this training. 

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1. Setting up professional image
* Etiquette on body gestures
* Dress code

2. Social etiquette in business  
* Essential rules of social etiquette in business  
* Business handshake etiquette
* Business introduction rules
* Business card etiquette
* Conversation etiquette 
* Gifts giving etiquette

3. Etiquette of business visit and reception
* Cautions on business visit 
* Appropriate behavior while waiting for a meeting
* Business reception etiquette

4. Etiquette of business call and e-mail communication
* Preparing your voice for effective business calls  
* How to transfer incoming calls and take messages
* Perfection on the business letters
* Rules for e-mail

5. Etiquette of business conference and banquets
* Being aware of details before and during the meeting
* The good host and speaker
* General table manners
* The comparison between Chinese and Western table manners
* Details on buffet dinner

6. Etiquette at workplace
* Basic rules of workplace etiquette
* Accelerating your success - proper way to get along with colleagues
* Managers
* Marketing and sales staffs and officers 
* Anyone who expects to show professional images and promote relevant works
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